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Is BCA a good course?

The short answer to a very popular question, “Is BCA a good course?” is “Yes, BCA is a good course.” To justify our statement, we will examine the BCA course details and explore the benefits of a BCA degree and its future scope.

Before proceeding, look at the data shared in AISHE’s latest report. There were 398996 students enrolled in the BCA program, and 145878 students turned or passed out. The data shows that there is a demand for BCA. As we all know, India has a vast IT industry spread across the country, and it’s also growing every year. To meet the requirements of the IT industry, Computer science engineers are needed; hence, there is a need for BCA and MCA graduates.

Now, we will explore how BCA is a good course.

About BCA Course

The full form of BCA is a Bachelor of Computer Applications. It’s a three-year undergraduate degree program offered by institutes in India. The curriculum is designed to impart knowledge in Database management systems, web technologies, web programming, operating systems, AI, machine learning and languages like C, C++, HTML, Java and Python

The minimal percentage requirement is 45-50 per cent in many universities for admission to a BCA degree. Students from any stream in Class 12 are eligible to pursue BCA, a significant advantage compared to Computer Science Engineering.

Aspirants can get admission to colleges and universities based on merit or written exams followed by in-person interviews.

What makes BCA a good Course?

Firstly, BCA is not an alternative to computer science engineering (BE or BTech). BCA is more application-oriented, such as software development and testing, whereas computer science engineering deals with technical aspects like math and computer science theory. Both courses have distinct curriculums and job prospects that differ, too(we can discuss the difference in a separate blog).

Let’s find out the advantages of the BCA course.

BCA eligibility: The significant advantage of the BCA course is that it is available for all streams. Students who pass 12th grade in science, arts, and commerce are eligible to pursue BCA. Maths is compulsory for BSc CS and BE/BTech.

BCA course: The BCA curriculum is three years long, shorter than four years of engineering, and designed to fulfil the latest software industry needs. You will learn popular and widely used programming languages, computer applications, database management systems, and web development, giving you an edge in getting a placement in the software industry.

BCA course specialisation: The BCA course also has more industry-specific specialisations, such as

  • BCA big data analytics
  • BCA data science
  • BCA Cloud Computing
  • BCA cyber security
  • BCA UX
  • BCA Digital marketing

This specialised course gives an edge over the regular courses. Here, you are entitled to get a specific type of job with a degree certificate. 

Fees: Fees are another excellent part of BCA. It costs less compared to a professional Engineering Degree. If you opt for government colleges, you can complete the 3-year BCA degree in 30000 rupees. There are private institutes where completing a BCA course could cost 7 lakhs, which is still less than engineering degrees in private colleges.

BCA Career and Scope: Another major benefit of BCA students is the job opportunities after graduation. BCA graduates’ salary structure will be less than that of computer science engineers. Different job options a BCA graduate can get include Software tester, application developer, System Administrator, Web Developer, and Database manager. There are also government opportunities for BCA graduates.

Higher studies after BCA: BCA graduates can acquire more specialised knowledge and skills by pursuing higher studies. Many higher study options exist for BCA graduates, such as MCA, MBA, MSc, MCM, and PG diplomas in specific fields. Each higher study mentioned has a particular path. Selecting a higher study is completely an individual choice and interest. Companies like TCS, Wipro, and Infosys provide higher studies with jobs in their work-integrated program. 


Overall. BCA is a good career choice, considering the growing IT industry and the job opportunities it offers. Still, choosing a course should always depend on individual interests rather than comparing it directly to any other course.

We believe a BCA from a top college is better than an Engineering in computer science from a normal college. However, it’s good to deep-dive into your interests, do self-research, and choose a course and institution.

If you liked this article we recommend you check BCA course in detail.

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Satish Kachhap

Satish Kachhap

I am motivated to help and guide individuals in their career, education and jobs. I created thecareerism as a platform wherein I can express my thought, ideas, experience that can assist an individual in future career planning.
Satish Kachhap

Satish Kachhap

I am motivated to help and guide individuals in their career, education and jobs. I created thecareerism as a platform wherein I can express my thought, ideas, experience that can assist an individual in future career planning.

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