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Explore the ADCA Computer Course and its impact on your Career

ADCA computer course

The full form for the Advanced Diploma in Computer Application is ADCA. The major goal of the Advance Diploma in Computer Application program is to get students ready for the world of computers and software so they may work there and present themselves.Core elements of software design, as well as a variety of computer application topics, including HTML, operating systems, MS Office, Internet applications, database management systems, and C++, are common subjects in this course. 

The Adca computer course provides information on computer-related fields such as web design, programming, and other computer applications and industry-related disciplines. The ADCA syllabus and subjects incorporate both theoretical and practical components. The work scope for ADCA graduates is good, with ample chances available in both the public and commercial sectors in MNCs, software development firms, and other enterprises. 

About ADCA Computer Course

The Advance Diploma in Computer Applications (ADCA) program focuses on web development, networking, computer hardware, and software. It provides students with the knowledge and abilities necessary to excel in these fields. It prepares them for a variety of positions in the rapidly changing digital industry using theory and practical application.

Duration of ADCA course

The duration of the ADCA computer course is twelve months.  

Syllabus of ADCA computer course

Below is the syllabus of the ADCA Course details:

MS Excel: Microsoft Excel is an application that creates and preserves datasheets, performs intricate computations, and creates tables and charts.

MS Word: Microsoft Word is a word processing program used for writing letters, producing papers, and reporting, among other things.

MS-PowerPoint: Microsoft PowerPoint is powerful slide show presentation software. Integrated with Word, Excel, and other office productivity tools, it is a fundamental part of the corporation’s Microsoft Office suite software. 

MS-Dos/Linux/Windows: Learn about all the operating systems. Microsoft DOS, usually referred to as MS-DOS, is an acronym for Microsoft Disk Operating System, which was popular until 1995. Linux is a multi-user and multitasking freely distributed Operating system. Windows is the latest operating system offered by Microsoft. 

Basic Concepts of Accounts: Revenues, costs, assets, and liabilities are basic accounting principles used in the corporate world. Balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements are among the records that track and document these components.

Maintaining Ledgers, Cash Book, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Financial Accounting (Tally): TallyPrime’s accounting and financial reports thoroughly summarize a company’s financial performance, position, and cash flows. By compiling and analyzing all of a company’s transactions throughout time, they are vital resources for assessing its financial health. Accounting reports help firms turn complex financial information into actionable insights by meaningfully arranging and presenting raw financial data.

C Language & C++ Language: Any programming language is built upon this fundamental building block. Everything that is related to programming, including object-oriented languages like Java and C#, comes from the languages C and C++. The basic principles of C and C++ will be taught to you in this course, and you will subsequently go on to more complex subjects.

HTML: A popular Markup language, HTML aids in the development of a website’s structure. All browsers support HTML language. Web pages load quickly and are lightweight in HTML. Due to the application cache capability, large files can be stored.

JAVA SCRIPT: Web page development is done using the JavaScript scripting language. Developers can design a dynamic and interactive website using JavaScript (JS), which was developed for Netscape, to engage users and carry out intricate tasks. Moreover, it lets users add material to a document without refreshing the whole page.

Logo Designing: Creating a company’s ideal visual brand mark is the main goal of logo design. The components of a logo often include a tagline, a logotype, and a symbol or brandmark, depending on the type.

MS-Access: Application developers, power users, and data architects are the main users of Microsoft Access to create applications. The primary purposes of Microsoft Access are as follows: Keep track of accounts and invoices. Data can be saved as tables that the user can subsequently alter or customize to their specifications.

Photoshop: Photoshop is a program that Adobe developed for graphic design, image creation, and photo editing. For pixel-based, raster, and vector graphics, the program offers a wide range of picture editing functions.

Corel Draw: The fully equipped professional design toolbox that comes with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite allows you to efficiently complete tasks involving typography, photo editing, layout, and stunning vector illustration. With outstanding performance, support for the newest technologies, instant, assured access to unique new features and content, and a low monthly cost, a subscription offers outstanding ongoing value.

Computer Fundamentals: Computer Fundamentals are the principles of operating digital gadgets like computers, tablets, and smartphones. 

Basics of Computer Hardware: The physical parts of a computer refer to the actual components that comprise a computer, including the motherboard, graphics card, sound card, speakers, case, CPU, RAM, monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

Software Installation and Upgradation: Most often industries need to install Large-scale software, deploy application and upgrade the existing software within an organization. Administrators engage in numerous software installation requests and have to validate those requests individually and authorize the software installation and upgrade.

There could be the addition or removal of certain subjects depending on the institute and its curriculum.

Eligibility of ADCA Computer Course:

To be eligible for the ADCA course, students must be a 10th pass from a recognized board in any stream. There is no age limit for this course. Depending on the institute, there may be different minimum qualifying marks needed to apply for this course.

Admission process

The admission process is on a merit basis (10th board marks) or first come, first serve. We recommend you check the institute admission criteria and process. 

How Can I Apply?

Most colleges have shifted to a completely online admissions procedure due to the COVID situation. Therefore, to start the application process, students need to visit the official websites of the universities to which they are applying and submit their information. Additionally, students may enrol offline by visiting the institute of their choice and completing an application along with any necessary supporting documentation.


In India, the ADCA Computer course fee is between INR 3000 and 50000 PA. The ADCA fees vary based on the institutes. Location, instructor, demand, infrastructure, and student facilities are some of the variables that influence the cost of an ADCA computer course. 

Top institutes that offer ADCA computer course

The quantity of top-notch ADCA private colleges in India, which provide some of the greatest programs available, has increased significantly. The best ADCA colleges in India are:

S.NoInstitution Name
1Institute of Skill Development Training
2DOTNET institute
3National Institute for Digital Learning (NIDL)
4BCIT World
5Institute for Advanced Computer Technology – IACT
6ISBM University
7National Institute of Computer Education (N.I.C.E.)
8Rajeev Gandhi Computer Shaksharta Mission
9All India Computer Saksharta Mission (AICSM)
10CITC Chandigarh

Jobs, Salaries, scopes 

IT industry prefers candidates with technical graduation and ADCA.

After earning an ADCA certificate, candidates can continue their professional education. The following are some of the best courses for advanced study in the field of computer technology:

Private and government job opportunities after ADCA computer course

These days, computers are almost a need, and those who know about computers are in great demand. Depending on their qualifications, applicants can work in e-business, PC assembly, ERP fundamentals, IT security, etc. E-commerce, database development, programming, and other related fields are among the most interesting job descriptions that draw applicants.

There are plenty of employment opportunities for ADCA graduates in the governmental and private sectors. Different government job vacancies for 12th pass with computer skills are posted regularly. Certified ADCA students have many employment opportunities with competitive pay packages in the IT industry. The different job profiles offered to ADCA candidates are:

  • Technical Writer
  • Computer Operator
  • Computer Language Instructor
  • Applications Support Engineer
  • Clerk
  • Computer Technician
  • System Officer
  • BPO Executive
  • Photoshop Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Programmer
  • Web developer
  • Accountant

Salaries for ADAC Computer Course:

The ADCA holder’s work profile defines and impacts the salary. The industry an ADCA works in, location, and experience are other variables that may have an impact on their income in India. The Average Salary in India for ADAC Computer Course professionals are:

S.NoADCA Job Role Average Salary
1Database Development AdministratorINR 4 LPA
2Language InstructorINR 3 LPA
3System OfficerINR 2.5 LPA
4Computer OperatorINR 2.5 LPA
5Graphic DesignerINR 3 LPA


We have studied in-depth information regarding the computer course ADCA in the post above. While taking the ADCA computer course, we also studied job profiles and their average yearly incomes in India. Upon successful completion of the ADCA computer course, you will be equipped to work in small and large companies alike. We recommend the ADCA course to students who want to earn money in the early phase of their lives since it is one of the job-oriented courses. 

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Satish Kachhap

I am motivated to help and guide individuals in their career, education and jobs. I created thecareerism as a platform wherein I can express my thought, ideas, experience that can assist an individual in future career planning.
Picture of Satish Kachhap

Satish Kachhap

I am motivated to help and guide individuals in their career, education and jobs. I created thecareerism as a platform wherein I can express my thought, ideas, experience that can assist an individual in future career planning.

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